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Custom Workshop Malta was setup in 2021 by Andrew Gingell Littlejohn. Having previously worked in the marine industry for 18 years as a marine Technician doing repairs and installations and refits on board yachts, a vast amount of experience in design and space optimization and functionality was achieved. A fully automated large format cnc machine was purchased together with several other equipment and this allowed us to do everything in house which is very important to us to keep a high standard. With this method we are able to discuss and try out all all options and iron out all details to suit clients needs best prior to manufacturing.

Once this stage is completed then these drawings are sent to post cam software to select the best sheet veneer areas and panels are matched in the best possible way. Once part nesting is optimized, parts are then cut out using our large format CNC machine with automatic tool changer to process every panel individually. Once this stage is complete panels are then processed and sprayed and wrapped to protect them from scratches prior to delivery and installation.

This technology allows us to have a leading competitive edge as all manufacturing is built up within software and put together for the first time on site removing the need to assemble at our workshop, only to re-dismantle the way a traditional carpenter would work. 

We pay a lot of attention to detail and do our utmost to make sure our clients / Architects intended design is executed in the most accurate way.

Whilst our main manufacturing is that of Bespoke furniture being laminates or spray, we also fabricate steel structures in house too.

Our latest projects also include Outdoor kitchens and garden screens / Furniture using Stainless steel profiles together with Sprayed aluminium composite panels which are perfect for our harsh weather conditions and also fire retardant. Stay tuned for latest info…

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